Previously In my time off traveling and in an effort to save money I have taken up a 2nd job. I’ve had a few poor career choices in my time, I was a bartender at the local pub and even worked at a 80s night club. A few years ago I decided it was a good idea to get a forklift licence as it opens up many options. I have worked in a warehouse as a forklift driver before and recently I went back to doing just that to save some extra cash.

Now I have some extra time and money saved up I decided to head over to the Highlands in Scotland for some birding and it was brilliant. Got some fantastic shots and saw some amazing views. There is a bird watching club and wildlife club (BWWC) which I took full advantage of. The do several tours of the area and help you get to the best spots.

During my time there we saw pink footed geese, reindeer and dolphins in the sea and black throated divers. All of which were breath taking. There are several places to book a tour at and most are priced around £50-100. Some of the main areas on tour include; Ayrshire, Borders, Caithness, Central Scotland, Clyde, Dumfries, Fife, Highland, Lothian, Moray, North-East Scotland, Orkney, Stewartry, Tayside and West Galloway. With such a mix of wildlife and the contrasts of ocean and land there is always something new to see.