bird hide constructionGeneral equipment used for birding includes binoculars, a tripod and a sports scope. If you have a bigger budget or may want to set up a birding club (provided you have funds and land for it) you may even want to set up a hide. Hides look similar to guard towers; the idea is to conceal yourself from the birds to watch them closely in their natural setting. In setting up such a large structure you will most likely need help from a local builder or construction company.  There is nothing stopping the casual birder from doing things on a budget. All that is really needed is a good set of eyes and some knowledge of birds.  The internet or a good guide will help polish your watching skills.

As this is a birdwatching blog and we like to be eco friendly and kind to the environment, I would recommend some solar panels. These can be used to power lights, heaters and other items. They are going to be cheap to install and you don’t have to worry about bills. Idea for buildings such as these that may be far out from any electrical sources.

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