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Ireland’s Fascinating Birds

Ireland is a fascinating country in which to do bird watching. There are so many species that a person could be intrigued endlessly. Here are just some examples of birds that you might be able to see if you are there at the right time of year.

Tree Sparrow

Tree SparrowLocal in the east of Ireland but scarce along the west and south coasts, North Slob in County Wexford is one of the best sites to see them.

Slightly smaller than the common House Sparrow, adults have a brown cap on the head, a large patch of white on the face with a black smudge under the eye, a black bib on the throat, underparts that are washed brownish, and upper parts that are brown with black streaking. Juveniles have grey on the face rather than white.

Their diet consists of split grain, seeds, buds, some insects, and all kinds of scraps from a bird table.

Little Egret

Little_Egret_flying_with_neck_retractedYou will see them along the coasts and rivers throughout Ireland, but they are scarce in the Midlands and north-west of the country. Little Egret was rare in Ireland before it started breeding there in 1997. They are now in almost every coastal county and at a number of inland sites. They breed in lakes, estuaries, marshes, and flooded fields.

This white heron is medium-sized, has yellow feet, black long legs, black bill and two elongated feathers in its plumage.

Whooper Swan

Whooper SwanThis is a winter visitor from October to April throughout Ireland around inland wetlands as well as grazing on aquatic vegetation on open shallow water, rivers, estuaries and by coastal inlets. They are also seen feeding on grasslands, spilt grain and potatoes on lowland cultivated farmland.

Similar to Bewick’s Swan, it is larger and with a longer neck and has a black and yellow bill. .


A species of Auk, it is highly marine, winters at sea, and is only found on land in the breeding season. Nests on sea cliffs, in secluded nest sites, fissures in cliffs and in screes. This seabird has its head and neck all black in the breeding season with white on the front of the face, neck and side of its body in the winter.

Its diet is mostly some invertebrates and small fish caught by surface diving

If you decide to travel to Ireland, be sure to obtain insurance so that you can rest easy and just concentrate on your intriguing bird watching.

Photography and travel in the Lake district UK

Lake District, the beauty of England, is a heavenly place where all the tourists travel for the breathtaking and mesmerizing natural charming scenes. Lake District is located in North West of England and is well known for its great and natural attraction. There are more than 80 lakes including the West water lake which was honored as “Britain’s Favorite View”.

Modes of travel in Districtlake district

There are so many ways to explore the Eden. To discover the true nature, beauty, sights, sounds and aroma of the district you have to travel by foot or by bike. The Lake District offers the walk for all aptness from the simulating coast to coast to some of the beautiful short walking routines which is perfect for walking and relaxing in holidays

Whilst in Eden we visited a local pub where there was a game of bingo on. Me and my group decided to join in with the locals. It was good fun with a low cost of just £5 to play with a  jackpot of £100. Unluckly I didn’t wind but it was worth it just for the “crack” so to speak. There are a few local pubs in the towns area all still maintained to a traditional standard. I found there are a bunch of new online sites here if you are interested.

Lake District was mapped for cycling with stimulating off road mountain biking routes to gentle country lanes.  It is not just some best cycling tracks in the country; it has a fantastic laid out map which completes the cycle network. There are cycle hire points, repair shops electric bike hire points with some dozens of electric bike charge points.

You can also travel to the Lake District by bus, train or your car. The train has two rail links in the area. The Oxenholme to Windermere line connects the main West Coast London – Glasgow Line to the Central Lakes, it is one of the best ways to travel the center of the lake without car. Car is not a suitable option for travelling, if you need to travel to far end corners of Cambria.

Top Three places to explore in Lake District


If you want to explore the best out of the Lake District here are the top three places to visit. These places contain the most beautiful, panorama scenes where you can take photographs and see one of the masterpieces of the world.

1. Coniston Water and Coniston village

It is the third largest lake in the English Lake District. It is five miles long and half a mile wide. The lake is ideal for kayaking and canoeing and there are number convenient sites for launching and recovery. The lake is half a mile down from the village where  there are shops, restaurants and places to eat and if you are a  art fan then John Ruskin’s home is open to visitors with its beautiful garden and outlook.

2. Windermere Steamers


A visit to Lake District is sour without a visit to Windermere steamers. It is one of the largest and one of the most beautiful places in the district. Travelling by boat is the best option to discover the true natural beauty of the lake.

3. Greendale and Middle Fell, Western Fells


This side of the Lake District boasts spoilt and simple beauty. The area doesn’t get as busy as the Lakes heartlands due its inaccessibility so if you want to travel alone for a walk head to this side. This side has a remarkable beauty of Wasdale and timeless views. It has a beautiful landscape which is best for hiking.

Saving up for Scottland

Previously In my time off traveling and in an effort to save money I have taken up a 2nd job. I’ve had a few poor career choices in my time, I was a bartender at the local pub and even worked at a 80s night club. A few years ago I decided it was a good idea to get a forklift licence as it opens up many options. I have worked in a warehouse as a forklift driver before and recently I went back to doing just that to save some extra cash.

Now I have some extra time and money saved up I decided to head over to the Highlands in Scotland for some birding and it was brilliant. Got some fantastic shots and saw some amazing views. There is a bird watching club and wildlife club (BWWC) which I took full advantage of. The do several tours of the area and help you get to the best spots.

During my time there we saw pink footed geese, reindeer and dolphins in the sea and black throated divers. All of which were breath taking. There are several places to book a tour at and most are priced around £50-100. Some of the main areas on tour include; Ayrshire, Borders, Caithness, Central Scotland, Clyde, Dumfries, Fife, Highland, Lothian, Moray, North-East Scotland, Orkney, Stewartry, Tayside and West Galloway. With such a mix of wildlife and the contrasts of ocean and land there is always something new to see.