Bird watching which is also known as birding is the observation of different species of birds as a hobby or some recreational activity. There are many ways to do this; you can use your naked eye, telescope or some other instrument, or you can just enjoy the sound of birds. In most cases the sense of hearing is very important because many birds are easily recognized by their voice rather by their visual. So it’s really important to use your auditory skills well when you are birding.

Types of bird watching


Bird watching is a very ancient hobby and has been going on for hundreds of years but the term bird watching was first heard in 1891 and also bird was declared as a verb in 1918. There are these two terms which are used interchangeably first one is bird watcher and other is birder but it has been seen that many bird watchers prefer to be called birder rather than bird watcher because it doesn’t involves the auditory aspect of watching birds.

In most parts of the world birders want to be differentiated from bird watches because they feel they are superior then bird watchers when it comes to intensity and love for this hobby. But the difference is only subjective and anyone who watches birds can be called a bird watcher or a birder, it really doesn’t make much of difference. These birders describe themselves as someone who observes birds deeply by identifying every bird by their visual and by their voice; they also seem to follow the habitat, food cycle and the pattern of their migration from one place to the other. While a normal bird watcher is someone who watches bird just for the purpose of enjoying nature by seeing them from their own house or from a nearby part and they don’t seem to be interested in the kinds of birds or anything related to the birds. To differentiate these different types of people who observe birds a magazine was released which mentioned the types and how each type is different from the other.

First one is birder, this person is someone who watches birds not just for a hobby but he takes this really seriously and follow this thing like a professional who likes to learn everything there is related to birds. There is this term birding , it is defined as a hobby of enjoying the natural beauty of birds , their habitat and everything there is related to the lives of birds. At last there is this term bird watcher, this term is used for a person who observes birds for no reason or specific purpose at all and this type should not be compared with other types because they are serious about the life form of birds.

There is this term used for finding a bird and is called twitching while the previous term that was used for this was chasing but this term gained popularity and was soon accepted by everyone. Twitching is basically locating a bird you have previously seen and is rare in the nature. People seem to misuse this word and confuse it with the term birder which is a very big misunderstanding because a person who does twitching will travel long distances to see a single bird that he has seen in the past. Continue reading