birdwatching laws and codes

Image: David Kjaer

Most of what I state here is going to be common sense but it’s good to keep these things in mind. Millions of people enjoy bird watching in the UK and there are likely going to be a few cases of foolishness. Make sure you avoid any legal issues and be respectful of your surroundings including your neighbors.

  • Read about the law of the countryside and make sure to abide by them
  • Before making any press releases of rare bird sightings make sure you think about the ramifications for the local area and people.
  • Be respectful of wildlife and nature.
  • Do not disturb or try to handle the birds.

If you are trying to use private land you must get permission from the landowner otherwise they may press legal action.

If you find a birds nest never try to handle it. If the Chicks are disturbed or the mother smells foreign smells in the nest she may abandon the chicks before they are hatched.