You do not need to be an expert to appreciate the beauty of birds. If you just like to watch them in their natural habitat but not learn everything about them, that’s totally fine. It is in human nature to be curious about these things and often bird watchers turn to books and the internet to learn more about them.

The more time you spend watching birds the better you will get at identifying them and tell them apart. Time spent at nature reserves and wild life sanctuaries can help you become family with different species very quickly. This speeds up your learning because it would be extremely rare to see so many different species in such a short space of time.

After some time in the bird watching game you will notice that books often don’t show real life representations of each species. Each bird can change dramatically from season to season and from when they are young to old. For example during winter birds will often “puff up” their feathers making them look larger. Colours or markings might be faded or distorted. This is why going out regularly to watch will improve your skills so much.

One of the most reliable ways of identifying birds is through their song. Even if a birds shape, size and colours are unique a birds call will be the same and distinctive. Learning these distinctive sounds does take time but again being around in their environment will really help speed up the learning.